Centre's objectives

1. the planning, design and implementation of research in various fields of camels in collaboration with the Ministry of Livestock and the Ministry of Science and Technology and colleges of veterinary medicine, agriculture and livestock production in Sudan and foreign countries. This research conducted in collaboration with various departments in the colleges of veterinary medicine, animal production and agriculture at the University of Khartoum.

2. The Centre helps in the development of strategies to help steady the prosperity of this important sector.

3. coordinates the Center for Research among different departments in the College of Veterinary Medicine.

4. The Centre collaborates with local and international organizations that wish to conduct research in the field of camels.

5. adopts center programs that contribute to the improvement of the genetic descendants of camels and improve fertility and production.

6. The center conducts research in the field of basic sciences in the camel (Alfssologia, biochemistry and breeding camels) to create a data base them.

7. The center studies to Mkavan camel diseases and produce vaccines for some diseases.

8. contribute center in training and camel breeders undergraduate students, technicians.

9. center works as a consultant for public and private sectors.

10. The Centre is conducting research to improve the production of camel improving nutrition.

11. Center works to be a repository for information camel research and development.